Just how to Write an excellent Artist About Me Page

Just how to Write an excellent Artist About Me Page

Imagine if you were comparing two products to buy online. Both look nice, but you’ve got a fantastic description that gets you stoked up about the company and something has a few sentences that aren’t very put together. What type could you buy?

Consider the question that is same your art business! Writing a killer Artist About Me Page allows you to interact with your audience, builds up your credibility as an artist, and makes your buyers feel more attached to your artwork.

So how do you write one? By answering these five simple questions, you will see just how to craft a complete Artist About Me page which will tell your story, enchant your audience, and keep people’s eyes in your art.


When did you begin to take an interest in art? Did you start as a young child because you grew up in a property saturated in artists or do you start later in life whenever you finally had the time for that painting class?

Providing a story will capture the interest of readers in an interesting way and will leave them wanting more. And, the greater amount of they could relate with you as an artist, the greater invested in your work they will become.

Great idea by Rebecca Crowell – she includes a video clip to tell her story in her own About Me section!

Why do you will be making this type or kind of art? Whether it is a certain medium or technique you like using, or why you chose the human figure over landscapes, inform your audience! People stumbled on your page for a reason–they love your artwork. Cause them to fall in love much more by sharing why you might be stoked up about your projects, too.

Important advice from Alyson Stanfield’s « Supply Your Why In Your Artist Story best writing services. »

Are you experiencing a art or mission philosophy you need to share with all the world? Describe what drives you. Wouldn’t you rather buy artwork from an individual who is sincerely worked up about what they’re creating?

Now impress them.

Who are you? Basic information like what your location is from and for which you currently live and work helps your audience easily connect to you. Maybe these locations have even influenced your artwork. This provides you another great story to the touch on or an association to a person who would like to purchase from a local artist.

Where has your artwork demonstrated an ability? Including the galleries, exhibitions, as well as other places your projects has been featured builds credibility. Don’t hold on there, either.

What art education maybe you have completed? What awards do you receive and what achievements in the art world have you accomplished? Answering these questions builds confidence in your ability as well, but simply remember to keep it organized to appear confident, yet humble.

Just how can your audience get in touch with you? If they need it a piece or feature your work they’ll need contact that is good to create that happen. Include links to your website’s contact page or include your method that is preferred of at the end of the section. Always make it as facile as it is possible you, so your art business can thrive for them to reach!

Artwork Archive artist Peter Bragino has a good About Me section that features these answers and more!

Wish to know the best part?

Your Artist you can use to boost your art career about me page is just another great marketing tool. You should use it not just to attract sales on your site, but apply for artist opportunities, social media, as well as for your Artwork Archive Public Page on Discovery. They arrive in most shapes and sizes, so be sure it truly tells who you are. Including the necessary content and rendering it interesting will allow you to seem more professional and put together, helping you rise above the crowd within the right type of way.

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